Frequently Asked Questions about the Spinning Toy Top & Yo-Yo Museum

Visit this toy museum of tops, yo-yos, gyroscopes:
a unique experience! (not just an exhibit)  Burlington, Wisconsin

HOURS/TIMES TO VISIT THE Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum
or other hours may be scheduled for large groups

You may order toy tops and gyroscopes from our catalog page:

 What are the best ages for the museum visit?
--Ages 4-104, not younger.  Younger children may not be ready to be part of the audience for the presentation time. If you do bring younger children or babies, full admission does apply.  Grown-ups love the museum program as much as the "kids" do! 
-- GROUPS like it, too:  Families, Scout troops, youth groups, church groups, day care groups, school field trips, tour groups, clubs, senior citizen organizations,  summer camp field trips, MENSA groups, motorcycle and  antique car clubs, birthday parties,  science classes, antique collectors, and homeschooling families all enjoy the unique program.
Why do we have to call ahead and make reservations?
The Top Museum is not a typical museum. The museum offers its unique programs with a live presentation at listed times, and calling ahead to order tickets is required, as space is limited.  It is not open everyday.  All it takes is a quick phone call:  (262) 763-3946.  Groups of 30-50 may schedule times other than those dates listed. 
May we pay with a credit card?
Admissions must be paid for in USA cash or credit card. Tickets are purchased ahead by phone.
 For gift shop purchases: you may pay with cash or credit card.
Groups must be pre-paid by check or credit card, in advance.

Is the museum handicap accessible? 
The museum is on the first floor.  Space is limited, so do please call ahead with special needs. 
What is offered in the gift shop?
The gift shop is open after the program/tour &sells  more than 350 different types of tops,
both antique, vintage and modern

-dreidels      -whip tops       -old-fashion pump tops   -traditional peg tops (that use a string)
-tops that flip over      -optical tops     -bracket tops      -collectible top games
-post card picturing tops, yo-yos, gyroscopes
-90 kinds of yo-yos, strings, videos, trick books, collectible yo-yos, and more
-6 kinds of gyroscopes     -diabolos   -juggling items   -classic toys, skill toys
-180 kinds of brain, logic, & mechanical puzzles
     (the Logic Puzzle Museum is also at this address, open its own hours)
-new and used books: educational, parenting, children's, project books, teaching methods
    (because Teacher Place & Parent Resources is also at this address, with its own hours)
---It's NOT A TOP SECRET that grown-ups and kids all love tops. Tops make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, awards, weddings, graduations, baby showers, house warmings, and every other celebration.  Tell someone they are tops!
---Purchases can be made with USA cash or personal checks drawn on a USA bank. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. Traveler's checks may only be used if you spend the full amount. Visit the CATALOG page to order by mail.
Is parking free? Yes, free all day in city parking lots. See driving directions or ask when
 you make your reservations. Parking on the street is limited to two hours, and overtime parking can get you a $20 ticket! 
so please go to the FREE all day city lots nearby. No, not a good idea to go move your car during the visit: leaving during the visit disrupts the program and causes you to miss things.  Free lots are great. 

Does the Top Museum bring programs to schools,
events, conventions, and even other museums?

Yes.  Programs include:

  • Science Turns Tops                               Ages 3-18
  • Top Games, from Around the World    Grades K-12
  • Optical Tops                                         Grades K-12
  • Inventing Spinning Tops                      Grade K-12  
  • Behind the Scenes               Grades 5-12 & adult groups
  • Yo-Yo Classes                     Grades 3-12
  • Old fashion Top Spinning   Grades 3-12
    Programs are geared for the grade present. 
    Versions of certain programs are appropriate for adults groups,
    college classes, conventions, festivals, fairs,  Call about fees.

     Is there another hands-on museum there, too?  
    Yes, the hands-on LOGIC PUZZLE MUSEUMis in the same buildings as the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum, but with its own separate hours. The Logic Puzzle Museum is great for families, individuals, groups, math clubs, scout outings, field trips, tour groups, adult tourists, family reunions, birthday parties, and mystery tours. 60 hands-on brain & mechanical puzzles try try to solve, ring bells when you solve one, see the exhibit, plus make a puzzle to keep! Best for ages 5-105.  A 1.5 hour visit. Call for hours (262) 763-3946    

    Yes! For Spectators & Participants,   ... Come to watch and/or take part, different events each day. GIZZMO days have 10 different action gizzmos & toys to try out!  Weekend includes a paddleball marathon, a world record attempt, yo-yo exhibit, the WORLD-WIDE Yo-Yo Contest, a hula-hoop contest, maybe Clowns & Jugglers with Yo-yos Contest, and Win Prizes!  So much fun.

When can I learn to yo-yo? times for the YO-YO CLASSES

When can I yo-yo all day?  come to YO-YO CAMP


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533 Milwaukee Avenue, historic downtown Burlington, Wisconsin 53105  USA
(262) 763-3946
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