We are a non-profit, educational organization offering Teacher Place & Parent Resources, the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum, and the Logic Puzzles Museum; as well as a related, unique little educational gift shop.   It is a volunteer organization, established in 1976, and we invite you to be part of this interesting place.  It is not government funded, so your help is essential for all of the educational programs here.




You set up your own time schedule, once per week, special events only, once per month, or special projects only... we are flexible.   Volunteer help is needed with the project(s) of the day or week which could be mailings, clerical, cleaning, set-ups, displays, helping visitors, proofreading, distributing brochures and posters, fundraising, fixing things, helping visitors, working on addresses, folding fliers, etc.  Tasks depend on your skills and interests as well. Working together we keep this place going which is a  benefit to parents, teachers, Scout leaders, nursing home activity directors, caregivers, Sunday school teachers, special needs adults, children, families, and many others.   (262)763-3946 


We need you ASAP, often if possible, or whatever time you have to share for help with bulk mailings, typing labels, checking zip codes, organizing information, filing, proofreading, bookwork, membership drives, group tour follow-ups, ordering, fundraising if you like, and other important tasks that keep everything humming here.  (Computer knowledge not needed.  If you have it, you might become our computer expert)   (262)763-3946 


If you are willing, with or without experience, your help is needed with fundraising for this unique and valuable 501-c-3 non-profit, educational organization.   From bake & rummage sales, capital campaign drives, membership drives, development activities, donor luncheons, fundraising events, and grant writing.... your help will help others of society as you help keep this place offering unique educational offerings.  If you can help in any of these areas; please, please call us ASAP.   We need you.   (262)763-3946 


Day-to-day maintenace and keeping the place clean never ends... so you are needed.  Possible tasks include light bulb supervision & changing,  vacuumming, sweeping, sidewalk care, window care, pest patrol, cleaning, fixing & repairing things, floor care, creative engineering to keep things together or working,  hanging holiday decorations, plant care, set-up for special events, moving things, fixing broken toys, setting up displays, and other general help.   You do not have do all of these things, just whatever you are able to help with... for a major spring cleaning, weekly visits, or monthly volunteering.....please help. (We also have bigger projects if you are interested and able)     (262)763-3946 


Teachers, retired teachers, religious educators, day care directors, scientists, math professors, educational professionals, experienced homeschooling parents, computer specialists, artists, authors, and others have given volunteer presentations or workshops here at Teacher Place & Parent Resources since 1976.  Let us know a topic you would like to share. 


Be the right-hand person at one or all of our unique events!  Volunteer work includes possible planning, promotion, set-ups, take-downs,  assisting visitors, registrations, admissions, on-call assisiting the director, helping in the gift shop during an event, phone calls to organize things, publicity, brochure/poster distribution,  coordinating volunteers for the event, photography, video-taping, fundraising, and the essential "chipping-in."  Help with some or all of these volunteer jobs at the Yo-Yo Convention, Whatchamacallits, Tongue Twister Contest, Brain Twister Day,  Tangram Challenge, International Top Spinning Day, family Eggs, Eggs, egg dyeing event, Chocolate Festival activity in May, large group tours, gyroscope contest, and others. Help is also needed at programs we present at schools, universitites, festivals, and conventions.  Your interest and skills are needed!  (262)763-3946 

COMPUTER WIZARD, or even advisor

Help us.....we are in need of your expertise.  Volunteer by answering many questions, scanning photos,  loading things, deciphering our label program, improving our website, creating a website, helping enter data if you can, help over the phone, help in person, locating donated newer equipment, teaching us some of the computer things that you know...   please help us be part of the 2lst century!  (262)763-3946 


Volunteers with some experience and a visual bent are needed to photograph & video-tape our events for use in our own sentimental scrapbook and archives, and also for the many calls we get from major newspapers, national magazines, and national television shows for visuals.  Help us prepare an information packet, promotional video, add photos to our website, prepare press packages for  special events and ongoing programs, document our events,  transfer items from cameras to computers, etc,  and all-in-all, help us to remember all that goes on here.    If you have your own equipment, terrific; if not we can find some to use.   (262)763-3946 


Enrich our events with your talents by volunteering here.  Music, laughter, smiles, awesome skills... all add to the success of a number of our special events.  National, state, and local media have shown up at many of our events, so who knows, you might be discovered?  Meanwhile, practice on us and be part of a unique educational center ...  please call us  (262)763-3946 

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