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media, appearances and features, etc.  include:

  • -Ripley’s Believe It or Not TV show (episode #420): first aired October 2003. Watch re-runs, they appear 2 or 3 times per year (we hear. ) The episode filmed in downtown Burlington Wisconsin, at the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum and at nearby Echo Park. Judith D. Schulz was interviewed, threw skill tops from the park's gazebo onto targets below, spun a 4 foot tall top, spun a variety of unique tops from her collection, and more!

  • MGM MOVIE! - Judith D. Schulz is the "Tops Expert" for an MGM movie! She is also the founder and director of the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum. Read more about the movie, below and here

    • -AAA  Magazine, March 2012 Get up & Go Section: Yo-Yo & Skill Toy Convention 2012
    • -featured in Wisconsin Trails Magazine
    • May-June 2010.     "Just might be Wisconsin's most colorful museum..."
    •   Story + beautiful color photo of  12 tops and spinners.
    • -Tokyo, Japan: TV program Home Stay in the World, Yuki Ota, producer, worked with her for world record application
    • -the book WEIRD WISCONSIN includes us as a delightfully eccentric museum:
      Authors Linda S. Godfrey
       and Richard D. Hendricks 
                                                             (You may order a copy from us, autographed by the Top Lady, who is written about in the book. Email from this website for details.)
    • -DISCOVER WISCONSIN TV program, airs in 9 states on FOX TV: Story 
    • -PBS' Wild Chicago TV fun show of odd & unusual things in the greater Chicago area. Aired in 11 states.
    •  We are in the their book: Wild Chicago Companion Guidebook to the Wildly popular TV Show
      book by Will Cloinger, Mindy Bell, Harvey Moshman
    • -the cover of Spirit Magazine, with extensive article

    • Dave Nemo Show, Sirius XM Satellite Radio: appeared on the segment Destination Detours,
      in a live interview with Dave and Judith Schulz, Oct. 29, 2013.  The Dave Nemo Show is a favorite with truckers.
    • Travel +Leisure's  America's Strangest Museums, webpages, beginning Dec 2013, (we are more unique than strange though)
    • -Reminisce magazine, The Magazine That Brings Back the Good Times. 2 full pages center: story & photographs (Nov-Dec.1998)
    • -introduced & recommended by the famous comedy team The Smother’s Brothers during their live show
    • Milwaukee Magazine: feature article 
    • the famous Green Sheet: front page feature, Milwaukee Journal
    • Farm Family America magazine, featured article
    • Contact Kids Magazine, a Sesame Street publication
    • Off Beat Museums book: one of the 50 museums selected from the entire United States for the book
    • Toy Collector magazine
    • Milwaukee Metro-Parent, feature about  the museum's annual Yo-Yo Convention
    • tour books: Eccentric America; AAA Travel Guide; Oddball Wisconsin; Mobile Travel Guide; Fun with the Family  in Wisconsin;
      Great Little Museums of the Midwest; Museums, Zoos, & Botanical Gardens of Wisconsin
        by Anton Rajer, and many others
    • contributor to Lucky's Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos, which is in the Smithsonian (we are honored!) and copies are
       for sale in our gift shop
    • Games Around the World  - Spinning Toys  by Dana Meachen Rau: photographs of tops in the book are actually from the Top Museum,
       collection of Judith Schulz
    • Wisconsin Trivia

    • a 1994 book by Kristin Visser with
    • a questions about the Spinning
    • Top & Yo-Yo Museum (formerly called
    • Spinning Top Exploratory Museum)
    • on page 57
    • newspaper features include:  Racine Journal Times, Burlington Standard Press, Journal Times (Racine County, WI),
        The Week (Delavan, WI), Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI), Green Bay Gazette, Kenosha News, Janeville Gazette,
        Chicago Tribune, Chicago Daily Herald, Chicago Parent, Cleveland, The Indiania Times,  Simpson Free Press
       Milwaukee's famous former prestigious Green Sheet,
       many other newspapers
    • radio guest on talk shows including: WHAD (Wisconsin Public Radio), WRJN, WMCW, WFAW,
      (FM 106.1 country) and stations in 8+ other states and Canada and Australia
    • guest on television shows in 4 states

    • The Top Museum and the Top Lady are listed
       in the credits of the 1993 MGM movie My Summer Story;
      which is a sequel to 
      A Christmas Story with Ralphie.
      Judith D. Schulz is the Tops Expert for the movie and worked
    • on the set. She taught the stars how to spin tops, provided top advice,
    • coaching & is the actual expert spinner for many of the
      scenes in the MGM film.

      Click on this for more on the the museum's role in the movie!

      The cover art for VHS was changed when it became a DVD.
    So when you watch this movie, we hope you will read the credits.
    We have 4 lines together, and set apart, making them easy to spot!

    When you take the unique Top Museum tour, you might see
    actual tops from 
    the movie, and maybe a demonstration by the
    Tops Expert.

    • Midwest Living Magazine; Nick, Jr. Magazine; & the Chicago Tribune  recommend our annual Yo-Yo Convention
       as a celebration to attend!
    • Old World Wisconsin: a featured presentation at WPR's (Wisconsin Public Radio) Listener Appreciation Day luncheon program
    • featured guest at Spotlight On Racine, a live news & comedy show with actors & interviewers for a live audience
    • ChocolateFest:  conducted two yo-yo contests for the annual festival
    • WBSD October 1, 2006   89.1 FM   an interview with the Spinning Top Museum director 
    • CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation): Live radio interview on the Larry Fedoruk News/Talk Show 610 CBC
       about the Yo-Yo Convention held in March 2007

    • Verona, Italy: the International Guest as top spinner at International Festival of ancient and historic children's
      games that were (and are)  played in the streets and roads around the world

    • GUMBO TV filmed segments at the 12th Annual Yo-Yo Convention, March 2007

    • On The Waterfront Music Festivals Rockford Illinois: Street performer

    • KidsFest:  Hands-on top spinning with thousands of children and families at Wisconsin State Fair Park,
      sponsored by MetroParent Magzazine, April 15, 2007

    • Wisconsin Assisted Living Association Convention held in Madison Wisconsin: yo-yo performer at a company's booth: 2008

    • Wisconsin Woman Magazine April 2008: photo and info Yo-Yo Convention

    • Conducted Yo-Yo Contest, Walworth County Fair 2008

    • WKOW Madison, Wisconsin 10 pm News Show: video segment called Someone You Should Know,
      Spring 2009

    • Antique Week Magazine: Sept 2009, article about this museum and collecting yo-yos 

    • Family Fun Magazine's October 2013 issue: "the fun list" page featuring a large photo of a top,
      and a recommendation to take part in the free International Top Spinning Day
      (held 2nd Wed. of October, every year, wherever you are)

    • Trip Advisor's 2014 internet article & recommendation of this museum: "9 Wacky Museums for Families"
    • Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle newspaper, Dec. 2014  Dreidle article showcases our largest dreidle and invites readers
       to see the exhibit at the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum.

    • Our Wisconsin magazine, Feb-March 2016, photos of Duncan yo-yos
       from the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum, collection of Judith Schulz

    • and many more 


      533 Milwaukee AV, Burlington, WI 53105  USA

    gyroscopes are tops, too gyroscopes are tops, too

    Gyroscopes are part of the exhibit at the Spinning Top Museum with examples  from many countries
    including France, England, the United States, Norway, China, and Japan.   Kinder eggs,  Marx Ballet Dancer,
     Mr.Potato Head, Charlie Brown, the Eiffel Tower, the Jockey Top Gyro, Wonder Clown, the Jumping Wizard,
     endless classic gyroscopes from numerous manufacturers plus many Wizzzers are exhibited, to name a few. 

    The annual Gyroscope Contest is held at the museum with Tedco gyroscopes as the prizes.
    You are invited to the contest, just give us a call for the time and date.  (262)763-3946




           The Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum is 
    unique tourist attraction for bus tours, 
            group tours, families.
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