TONGUE TWISTER FUN from the Spinning Top Museum

Tongue Twisters are Top Fun

Try out original tongue twister:
Six spinning store tops!  Copyright 2006, Judith Schulz

Please credit us if you use this original tongue twister in an article, in a school lesson, or at your next event.
If you use it in a profit-making effort such as a book or other media,
please contact us for a release, credit lines, and small fee. 
It also helps to support the non-profit museum. Thank-you!

Do attend the next 
International Tongue Twister Contest 
laughter is promised for all! 
 At the Logic Puzzle Museum , next door to the Spinning Top Museum, Burlington, Wisconsin USA

The prizes for the adult division of past year's International Tongue Twister Contest included a "portion of a peck of pickled peppers." A most appropriate reward. A yellow yo-yo (say that fast 10 times!) went to a student, and another winner took home sea shells that she could sell. Audience applause topped all prize value and laughter filled the hall. Come to the next annual contest. Come to participate or just watch, listen, laugh and enjoy it.



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