Yo-Yo Camp & Yo-YO Class at Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum


Fri. June 18, 2010  10-3  for ages 8 to 16


 Yo-Yo Camp on Friday, June 18, 2010  from 10 am to 3 pm will make your head spin with endless yo-yo tricks and tips.  Participants ages 8 through 16 may attend and each receive a high quality long spinning  yo-yo to use all day and to keep.  Beginners and intermediates will learn and practice more than 10 new and classic tricks including the classics such as rock-the-baby, walk-the-dog, confederate flag, sleeper, creeper, flip-flop, and many others.  Quick to learn is the “ice cream cone” string trick. 

  Coaching for the best power throw, yo-yo maintenance, string changing tips, contest participant information, and time to see a little collection of add yo-yos, all  part of the Yo-Yo Camp day.  A chance to try out a variety of other yo-yo types from novelty and  fixed axle to ball bearing improves player knowledge.  Optional informal contests like “who can walk the longest dog?” are part of the fun, too.  Videos of world experts will be shown.

Participants are invited to show and teach tricks they know, too.

The Yo-Yo Camp instructor has given classes for clown clubs, 4-H camp, scout troops, adult groups, TV personalities, and Yo-Yo Convention visitors plus performed yo-yo tricks for a Ripley’s Believe It or Not TV taping, yo-yoed a few tricks with Tommy Smothers of the famous comedy team the Smother’s Brothers, and given yo-yo demosntrations in Italy.

           Advance paid registration is required of $68 ($80 at the door) per person for yo-yo camp.(Remember... you get a new, high quality $19 ball bearing yo-yo to keep as part of the day and an extra string). Participants are to bring their own bag lunch. 

Space is limited, we keep the group size small, better for you! The non-profit, educational Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum, 533 Milwaukee Avenue, downtown Burlington hosts the Yo-Yo Day Camp.   Call (262) 763-3946 for more information or visit  www. topmuseum.org.   Yo-Yo Camp can be scheduled other times for groups of 12 or more for birthday parties, family activities, or tour groups.

          OR  ATTEND A ONE-HOUR YO-YO CLASS: one-hour sessions for beginners are offered for $30/person  Click here for Yo-Yo Class times 


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   Ages 7-adult  Spinning games, optical illusions, make custom spinner & a string twirler, learn to spin the throwing style pioneer top from a professional top spinner, play carom/ skittles/ tornado tops/ top the top, plus see the museum exhibit, videos, try more than 35 types of tops, and demonstrations. Try to levitate a top (it’s possible), examine tops that light up!  Bring a bag lunch.  Fee covers museum admission, program, workshop, materials, and a set of tops to keep. $45/person.

Fri. June 18, 2010  
 10-3 pm
YO-YO DAY CAMP & CLASS  ages 8-16, get great long sleeping, $19 trick yo-yo to keep, learn 10 yo-yo tricks, tips, contest style, see a collection of odd yo-yos, optional informal contests. Bring bag lunch.  $68 advance paid registration ($80 at the door).  Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum, 533 Milwaukee Avenue, downtown Burlington, WI    (262) 763-3946    www.topmuseum.org

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can be offered for your group of 10 or more here in Burlington. Call for details. (262) 763-3946

one hour class for beginners ages 8-adult for groups of 6 or more. Call for details (262) 763-3946


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