YO-YO Postage Stamp?







     The Spinning Top Museum in Burlington, Wisconsin; has received an official letter

from the Stamp Development Department of the United States Postal Service

regarding the museum's request to have a series of commemorative stamps

 featuring yo-yos, originally called return tops.  "Yo-yos are a classic part

 of the American culture and have been for many generations," said

Judith Schulz, museum curator. "If the Postal Service chooses to offer

 a yo-yo stamp series, we will be very pleased to have initiated the idea

 helping to preserve yo-yo history, and that so many people will then

remember and know about yo-yos when the stamps circulate,"

added Schulz. 

      The national Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee

reviews the yo-yo stamp request and the process of approval, design,

and production can take 3 to 4 years and if the subject is selected, the

announcement is not made until just before the stamps are issued. 

     Part of the request letter, signed by more than 200 signatures from

museum's Yo-Yo Convention attendees and museum visitors reads: 

"Yo-yo stamps would delight many generations. The American

Donald Duncan made this action toy famous around the world.

 In fact, they are called "yo-yos" in every culture, thanks to his efforts.

From retired people, to the young generation, yo-yos are still popular

and very much a classic toy encouraging play; practice, and wholesome fun. 

Yo-Yos are a part of the American Culture." Yo-yo collectors Schulz and

Chuck Dawson, Milwaukee Champion John Crivello, 1960's Chicago

yo-yo Champion Barry North, Arkansas Champion Carolyn Apgar,

 Wisconsin State Yo-Yo Contest champions Anthony Jerving and

Scott Nesham, from Missouri, signed the request along with hundreds

 of grandparents, parents, children, and yo-yo players.

          Schulz encourages individuals and school groups to send

their letter of support of this request to show even more

support for the idea of yo-yo stamps.   Send your letters

of support c/o the Top Museum,  533 Milwaukee AV, Burlington,

Wisconsin 53105 and the museum will forward letters in groups

for greater impact.  If you would like to circulate a petition

among your group of adults, families, children, or organizations, see our website

for a petition suggestion: www. topmuseum.org. 

                The non-profit, educational Spinning Top Museum is

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 exhibit of 2,000 tops, yo-yos, and gyroscopes; plus a live presentation.

 More than 800 yo-yos and related memorabilia are part of the 2000 item exhibit. 

 Special museum events include a summer yo-yo camp on June 24,

an August 14 gyroscope contest, and the May 15 Top Chocolate Challenge

 during Chocolate Festival, plus the summer Top Museum tours.  

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