Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum
533 Milwaukee Ave, historic downtown Burlington, Wisconsin USA
in Southeastern Wisconsin  

Much, much more than an exhibit!
For adults, families, seniors, and school age groups!
So interesting and fun that  the time flies by,
and we even have to make people leave!

A unique, fun & educational school field trip
to a famous and unusual, on-of-a-kind museum 


Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum  www.topmuseum.org 
 ~ For groups of 30-49 people,  for ages 4-104. Deposit required.

 ~ 2.5 hour fun & fast program: hands-on tops & hands-on games; videos; awesome 2,000 item exhibit to see;
    I Spy Hunt with a prize; & Live show!  Meet the Tops Expert from an MGM movie, too!  Gift shop open after program. Free parking.

~ Smaller groups: individuals, families: attend at specific tour times listed, or get another group to combine with you 
~ Large groups of 30-49 people:   schedule a time of your choice with appointment and deposit   
Discounts for groups of 30-49 people.  
~ Admission is charged per person, every age and everyone present. 
~You may have less than 30 people, but there is minimum fee.

~Admission is the same rate for all visitors & for everyone present: children, students, parents, teachers, bus drivers, etc.


Logic Puzzle Museum  www.logicpuzzlemuseum.org

For groups of 15-35 people, ages 5-105, not younger though.  Deposit required.
Up to 90 minute hands-on session with more than 50 different brain teasers,
 mechanical and logic puzzles, bells to ring & celebrate when you solve a puzzle,
 see exhibit, plus everyone makes a set of puzzles to take home to keep!   Free parking.
     Admission/person.  Call about large group discounts


Groups that have enjoyed these hands-on museums
School groups              Church groups         Tour groups              Clubs
   Homeschooling associations                         Senior groups           Travel Groups
   Family Reunions         Antique collectors     Red Hat Ladies         Engineering students
   Science classes            Car Clubs                  Motorcycle Clubs     Convention groups
   Exchange Students      K-12 levels               College classes   
   ....and your group will, too

Just what goes on during the visit? Click here to find out .
This offbeat museum is famous! Click here to read more.

For educational school field trips:
Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum:  learn about history through toys & playful things, 
wheels and axles, optical effects, toy history, balance and motion, cultures, what it is
like to work on an MGM  movie or be filmed for national TV, games,
rotation physics, the role of spinning, art work, designs, advertising and more.
+We can connect to your curriculum, with advance notice of your current topics, too.
Logic Puzzle Museum: these puzzles offer a range and variety of  problem solving,
seeing patterns, taking a risk in thinking, concentration, planning, estimating,
physics, math, memory use, exploring options, spacial decisions, and other fun! 
(just tell the kids about the fun, keep the rest of the benefits as a surprise!)

Schedule a time of your choice with 30-49 or more people at the Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum!
Parking is free.  Everything is first floor.
Note for seniors citizens: all first floor, very little walking,
seating available entire time for those who want it, plus
everyone is in the same gallery, so the group experience is extra fun.

Where are the museums?
Southeast of Milwaukee about 45 minutes, or 35 minutes from Racine, Kenosha, Delavan,
or 12 minutes from Lake Geneva, 35 minutes from Waukesha, 1 hr. 45 minutes from Madison,
and near New Berlin, Beloit, Northern Illinois, Rockford, Janesville,  Antioch, Richmond, Gurnee, Waukegan.
Your map has a road to Burlington, Wisconsin, too. 
Free parking for cars and busses.

More details: give us a call or email
(262) 763-3946 or   [email protected]



  ~  Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum  ~
533 Milwaukee Avenue, historic downtown Burlington, Wisconsin 53105  USA
(262) 763-3946
[email protected]

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